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Revel Chairman Kevin DeSanctis Calls for Change in Atlantic City

The true mettle and character of a city and state are truly tested when things get too tough. In Atlantic City, casino gaming is the main tourist attraction but one casino official believes that it is time for the state of New Jersey, Atlantic City and the casino gaming industry to all come together.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Revel Entertainment, Kevin DeSanctis, has step out firing at the Casino/Hotel Leadership Panel Forum on October 24th, 2009. He is calling for Atlantic City and the gaming industry to set aside their differences and cooperate with one another for the good of the gaming industry and the future of Atlantic City.

DeSanctis said that the gaming industry has never fully supported the community and the community has never fully accepted the gaming industry. He said that it has to change or they will not going to get any progress. DeSanctis has a big stake in Atlantic City weathering the current economic crisis.

Revel is constructing a $2 billion resort in Atlantic City and it is supposed to be a part of the answer to the current problems that the gaming industry is facing. But DeSanctis said that the city and the state must become more involved to solve the problem. Part of the plan for the future of the city is to change its image. Roads must be fix and it must start looking like an upscale tourist destination.

With the billion dollar casino facility projects in progress, tourists must feel like they are visiting a top class gambling area. DeSanctis also criticized the cab system in Atlantic City. He said that riding a cab in the city is not a good experience. He places the responsibility of changing the city's transportation system on the city officials itself.

While DeSanctis was at the center of the forum, other casino officials supported his call for change. The casinos in Atlantic City have been facing double digit gaming revenue declines for months and casino management has been looking for ways to change those revenue figures around.


11/03/2009 23:07 PM
Ann Pettersson