online casinos News Archive - November 2007

UC Group Establishes US Subsidiary in Preparation for Online Casino Gaming Law Changes
02/17/2010 13:57 PM

The UC Group established SecureTrading in preparation for any changes in the US online gambling law. Chris Thom said that they are ready for any changes in the US gaming law.

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Mississippi Casinos Continue to Experience Gaming Drops
02/14/2010 13:42 PM

Casino facilities in Mississippi continue to incur gaming drops for the last few months. State casinos earned a total of $185.4 million for the month of November.

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Kentucky Supreme Court Postpones Decision on Online Gaming Domain Names Seizure Case
02/11/2010 13:41 PM

The state Supreme Court of Kentucky postponed its decision regarding the seizure of online gaming domain names in the state. The next decision is expected on March 18th, 2010.

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