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Hancock County Approves Casino Table Games for Mountaineer

On June 30, 2007, the voters in West Virginia raised the bar of competition for Pennsylvania based casinos.

The voters in Hancock County, one of the 4 counties in West Virginia, gave their approval of casino table games for the Mountaineer Racetrack and Gaming Resort. A record breaking number of voters turned up to vote in the polls.

The approval by the voters will allow the Mountaineer Racetrack to offer blackjack, roulette, craps, and other casino games. The main goal of the vote is to attract customers going to Pennsylvania to go back to playing in West Virginia, now that the slot machines are also available in the state.

Mountaineer said that the new games will certainly create new job opportunities. With the approval of the casino table games, Mountaineer released their plans for a hotel facility, outdoor sporting areas and a golf course.

A similar table games referendum already passed in Ohio County, West Virginia which allowed the Wheeling Island Racetrack and Gaming Center to offer casino table games at their racing track.


07/09/2007 22:25 PM
Ann Pettersson