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Sumner County Prepares for Casino Facility

On August 23rd, 2007, as Sumner County gears up for the casino construction after the rejection of the casino proposal in Sedgwick, the decision still remains as to where it should be constructed. Sumner will be giving out requests for proposals and casino developers are weighing the pros and cons of each casino location.

Janis Hellard, the Sumner County Economic Development Commission Director said that any location in the county is available. Hellard added that the each community in the county will have the chance to review a resolution for the casino development. They will also have the chance whether or not to support the project.

Wellington City Manager Gus Collin said that their community has decided to support the casino proposal during a city council meeting on August 21st, 2007. But the Oxford City Council chose not to endorse the proposal, according to Oxford City Clerk Betty Oliver.

Kansas Senate Bill 66 states said that the state lottery may only put up one lottery gambling establishment in each zone. Sedgwick and Sumner are both in the gaming zone. Since Sedgwick declined the proposal, Sumner is the only viable county.

The Economic and Community Development director for Cowley County, Debra Teufel, said that both Wellington and Mulvane are good casino locations because they are near the I-35 interstate and are easily accessible to players. Teufel said that the main factor in the decision is the state of the existing infrastructure and the water and sewer facilities where the casino will be build.

The casino can produce 1,500 to 2,000 jobs for the residents in the area. The proposals are due on October 9th, 2007 to the county commission. The county will decide on October 17th, 2007 which proposals meet their criteria after a special committee reviews it.

The proposals will be given back to the lottery commission for a final assessment. Hellard said that there is not too much opposition in Sumner County about the casino plans but she is getting some calls from people who have opposed the casino plans in Sedgwick.

Cowley First from the Cowley County Economic Development Partnerships is currently forming a committee that will study the impact of a casino in Sumner County to Cowley County.


09/10/2007 03:32 PM
Ann Pettersson