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Richard Suen Awarded $43.8 Million for Casino License Damages

On June 2nd, 2008, a jury in Las Vegas, Nevada has ordered the Las Vegas Sands casino Corporation to pay Hong Kong based businessman Richard Suen $43.8 million for helping the organization acquire a gambling license in Macau. Ending a six week civil trial held in the Clark County.

Ending a 6 week civil trial held in the Clark County County, the decision delivered that day came after ten hours of deliberation. Jury foreman Nelson Orth of Henderson Nevada commented that within the 1st hour of the deliberation, the jury has voted seven against one in favor of giving Suen some payment on the damages that it incurred.

The rest of the deliberation was spent on studying on what is the equivalent amount for the damages that Suen had suffered when his efforts in helping the Las Vegas Sands Corporation in securing a license in Macau. The jury commented that Mr. Suen should be paid $43.8 million for his invaluable help to Las Vegas Sands in getting a shared concession for Macau officials in February 2002.

Suen's lawyers is hoping for $100.5 million in total damages. Las Vegas Sands Corporation commented that they intend to file a post trial motion with the judge that have studied the case. If they are unsuccessful with the post trial motion, they and their lawyers intend to file an appeal.


07/01/2008 03:19 PM
Ann Pettersson