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Plaza Center Plans to Build Casino Entertainment Resort in Budapest, Hungary

On May 28th, 2008, the Dream Island consortium, which has an up and coming market property firm Plaza Center holds a thirty percent stock, has successfully bid for its first ever major casino license in the country of Hungary. The multiple use, 350,000 square meter Dream Island facility will be developed in central Budapest. The casino will cost around 1.5 billion euros. The Dream Island Consortium is composed of Plaza, CP Holdings, MKB Bank and an unnamed organization managed by the managing director of the consortium.

The plan will feature four thousand hotel rooms and apartments, a convention facility and multiple entertainment, merchandise and leisure facilities. The exclusive casino facility license that has been given to the consortium begins from the opening date of the casino facility , with a ten year extension option, with the condition that there will be no other major casino licenses that will be handed by the Hungarian Government in the area of Budapest. The facility will offer 200 casino table games and more than four thousand slot machines.

The president and Chief Executive Officer of Plaza Center Ran Shtarkman commented that this casino development is in a good position and has the chance of becoming a leading entertainment resort that can host visitors from the European continent and abroad.


Author: Ann Pettersson
06/05/2008 02:59 PM