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The Hoosier Park Casino Opens for Business in June 2008

On March 12th, 2008, Hoosier Park is speeding ahead with the building of their pari-mutuel's horse racing track casino, which will open by June. General Manager Jim Brown commented to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission that the Anderson racing track's operation are in full blast for the opening on June. Brown commented that the management employees have already been hired and more than three thousand applications are already filed for employment opportunities.

Jim Brown commented that Hoosier Park is also thinking of offering remote wagering from the casino gambling floor, which will feature six foot windows that are facing the horse racing track so that customers can enjoy live horse races while playing from the slot machines at the same time. State legislators approved a law just last year that gives permission to two thousand slot machines to be placed at Hoosier Park and Indiana Downs in Shelbyville.

The horse racing tracks must pay the initial licensing cost of $250 million to the state for the slot machines. Work is also in progress on Indiana Downs' casino, which is expected to open its doors in July. The executive director of the horse racing commission, Joe Gorajec commented that the addition of the slot machines at the racing tracks would affect the Indiana Gambling Commission more than his own racing commission. The gambling commission will visit the Hoosier Park beginning on April 1st, 2008 for inspections.


04/04/2008 01:00 PM
Richard Kennedy