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Gambling Organizations Eyeing Casino Projects in Sumner County

On December 9th, 2007, presentations from different casinos take place in Kansas where casino organizations are hoping to expand their interests. The presentations that will happen in Wellington, Kansas will give the gaming organizations the chance to formally propose building casinos worth more than $350 million in Sumner County near the Kansas Turnpike.

Despite the provincial setting of Sumner County, gambling analysts commented that they are not surprised about the intense interest of the casino organizations in constructing a casino in Sumner County partially because of the success of the best online casinos. Majestic Research gaming analyst Matthew Jacob said that when the brand new jurisdiction opens up, it will become attractive even for gambling companies that usually do not construct casino facilities in those regions.

The county is one of the unique jurisdictions in the U.S. that gives permission to gaming, making it an important location for any gambling organization that is looking to expand. Some of the interested gambling organizations are the MGM Mirage and Harrah's Entertainment.

The designs for the proposed casino facilities are in muted colors to match the overall landscape of Kansas, compared with the bright neon colors in the casinos of Las Vegas.

As with any gaming plan, there are some opposition regarding the gambling plan like local church groups and residents. These groups and individuals claim that building a casino in Sumner County will only cause an increase in traffic, crimes and gambling addiction in the community.


12/23/2007 07:11 PM
Richard Kennedy