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Clyde Barrow Study Recommends New Bedford as Suitable Casino Site

On August 6th, 2007, a new research group is studying the impact of casino gaming in Massachusetts is based on three casino facilities being constructed in state.

The study by the Center for Policy Analysis at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth commented that three casino facilities would produce $1.5 billion dollar in gross gambling profits yearly.

With a 27% percent tax, that would mean a $400 million dollars revenue for the state annually. The study also endorses the state imposing licensing fees that would produce a lump sum of $600 million dollars for every decade.

The study also suggests that the state impose a tax on every slot machine, casino table game and staff license. Dr. Clyde Barrow, the main proponent of the study said that they are also planning to propose that some of those profits be allocated for gambling education and gambling problem prevention.

The study also recommends that one casino facility can be constructed at Suffolk Downs in Boston, one casino in Massachusetts at the greater Springfield area and one casino in southeastern Massachusetts.

Barrow, who has been studying casino gaming in the area for the past ten years, said that he personally believes that New Bedford is a better casino location compared to Middleborough because the New Bedford is more consistent with their economic strategy compared to Middleborough and it promotes good growth.

The study also stated that the residents in Massachusetts spend more than $1 billion dollars annually on gaming in Rhode Island and Connecticut, money that the Bay State will benefit from if the casinos are allowed.

But Barrow said that their study is not advocating casino gaming. They only want to explore the different possibilities that gaming could offer. Casino gaming still needs to be approved by the legislature. Gov. Deval Patrick is expected to announce his decision regarding the issue by the end of the month.


09/11/2007 03:34 PM
Richard Kennedy